Sunday, May 16, 2010

Variable Compression Ratio Engine

Variable Compression Ratio Engine

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In March 2000, Saab unveiled its Variable Compression Ratio (VCR) prototype vehicle, which was powered by a 1.6 L supercharged VCR engine named SVC (Saab Variable Compression). The SVC engine delivers 168 kW of power (228 hp) and 305 Nm of torque. Thanks to its SVC engine, Saab claimed to reduce Fuel Consumption of about 30% compared with a conventional naturally aspirated engine of equivalent power.

Few months later, FEV Motorentechnik also unveiled its own interpretation of Variable Compression Ratio through an A6 Audi, powered by a 1.8 L VCR engine. In this case, announced Fuel Consumption reduction was about 27%.

These 2 engines were compared to 6 cylinder 3.0 L naturally aspirated engines