Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lifan LF 6450 will go into production by August 2010. The LF 6450 model is equipped with a 1,6-liter or 1,8-liter petrol engine and 4x2 or 4x4 drive.

The Lifan 620 EV is the new electric version of 620 sedan, which has been in production since 2008. This model is equipped with a 64-hp electric motor (speed 100 km/h, range 200 km) and will go into mass production at the end of 2010 (pre-production since April 2010).

Presented for the first time as a prototype in July 2009, the seven-person minivan Lifan CA02 has been produced since March of 2010 (pre-production since October 2009), under the name Lifan Fengshun LF 6400 (for export Lifan Foison). This model is equipped with a 1,3-liter / 92-hp or 1,35-liter / 88-hp engine.

Beijing '08 Preview: Roewe 550 sedan spied at commercial shoot

SAIC's Rowe brand (nee Rover) is set to formally unveil its new 550 sedan in Beijing next month. The sedan's styling is very mainstream save for its unfortunate front fascia.

Geely KingKong let loose on unsuspecting Chinese public

From the desk of our Chinese affiliate comes word that Geely has unveiled the KingKong, a compact sedan with apparently mighty aspirations. The newest Geely model will be available with 1.5L, 1.6L and 1.8L DOHC, 16-valve engines, all of which were developed in-house by Geely and meet European emissions standards. The KingKong will be available in Sky Blue, Silk Silver, Snow Mountain White and, of course, Chinese Red.

The rather ironic name has two meanings in the car's native tongue. Taken literally in Chinese it means "steel concrete" but could also be interpreted as "strong" because of its connection with Hollywood's most famous giant gorilla. In our own play money the KingKong would cost around $8,350. Around Autoblog Towers, at least one staffer thinks that KingKong has a certain Aura (*cough*) about it... what do you think?

Check out a full gallery of KingKong pics after the jump...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the great cars: To differentiate Saab as a premium product enginee...

the great cars: To differentiate Saab as a premium product enginee...

To differentiate Saab as a premium product enginee...

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

حملة خلها تصـــــدي

أفاد مذيع قناة الإخبارية المعيقل في برنامج اقتصاديات بتاريخ 15/12/2008 م
بأنه حاول الاتصال على أربع من أكبر وكلاء السيارات في المملكة العربية السعودية وجميعهم رفضوا المشاركة في البرنامج وأفادوا

( لا يجب أن تصل فكرة كهذه إلى المواطن السعودي )
والله ثم والله بأن هذه إفادتهم

حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل على الجشع والطمع ، وكأن الناس تعيش في القرن الثامن عشر ولا تعلم ما يحدث في أرجاء المعمورة ....
إن أزمة صناعة السيارات الأمريكية في أوجها والوكلاء بالسعودية يريدون أن يساعدون كبرى الشركات الأمريكية على حساب المواطن ،،،،

والأدهى والأمر أن هناك ارتفاع بنسبة 12% في أسواقنا ........ وأنظر إلى بقية العالم ...........

انخفاض كبير في المبيعات ... مقارنة بالسنة الماضية

Friday, August 13, 2010

Talking about Renault 20 TX Road Test 1981 - a set on Flickr

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SAAB 900 Water Injection मनुअल !!!

Turning Water into Horsepower

Water injection, amongst the many options for increasing engine performance, this subject is probably one of the least understood. While frequently dismissed as simply a Band-Aid for poor intercooling, the benefits of water injection stretch beyond simply cooling engine intake air, and when properly implemented, can lead to more power than intercooling alone.

Water injection can be traced back to the earliest years of the internal combustion engine. During the early 1930’s one of the foremost engine designers and researchers, Sir Harry Ricardo, whose studies on pre-ignition led to the development of the octane rating system, investigated the problem of pre-ignition and the affect of alcohol-water injection on inhibiting detonation. Later, during World War II, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, in studies aimed at increasing the power from aircraft piston engines, came to the following conclusion: “The data indicated that water was a very effective internal coolant, permitting large increases in engine power as limited by either knock or by cylinder temperatures.”1 More recently, Saab engineers have investigated using water injection on their production vehicles to maintain low emissions at high power levels. Clearly, the practice of injecting water into an engine is not new, and its benefits are well documented.

Why use water injection?

Engine power production, referred to as brake mean effective pressure (BMEP), is measured by taking the average effective pressure of the cylinders as they progress through intake, compression, ignition, and exhaust strokes. Added power comes as a result of greater pressure, but a higher temperature inside the cylinder accompanies greater pressure. These higher temperatures can lead to detonation, referred to as engine knock, or pre-ignition, both of which are cases where the fuel-air mixture burns in an undesirable manner and can be destructive to an engine. To combat knock and pre-ignition as power increases, a richer air-to-fuel ratio is normally required. If the addition of extra fuel doesn’t provide enough knock protection, then a higher-octane fuel, which is more resistant to knock and pre-ignition, may be used. However, once the knock limit of a higher-octane fuel is reached, can anything be done? This is where a water injection system presents an appealing option.

The AquaTunePlus System

AquaTune Plus far exceeds all other water injection systems on the market today. Here is why: Unlike pressurized water injection systems, the release of energy from pressurized water during the combustion cycle is largely wasted and consequently most all the energy is wasted through the exhaust cycle. The H2O molecule structure in pressurized water is tightly bonded together. Even in a fine mist concentration a 20% release of energy would be considered good during the combustion cycle. Pressurized water is also difficult to dissipate once inside the intake manifold or collected on the intake valve seats. This residue would also accumulate on the turbine blades whether it is a turbo- charged or supercharged vehicle. This has been known to give water injection a bad name. This is not the case with AquaTune Plus. AquaTune Plus pre-explodes the water, in other words, “cracking” the water, which gives a complete foundation for releasing the energy before and during the combustion cycle. When the “cracked” water collides with the fossil fuel, it rapidly expands the fuel giving it a higher BTU rate and maintaining a lower combustion temperature while giving a higher compression ratio and still lowering the oil temperatures by approximately 25 degrees. Here is how the processor is able to explode and crack the water: Water is brought through very precise jetting and then through a tuning fork. Incoming air traveling through intruded turbines hit the tuning fork at 1,200 feet per second, the water injection then travels down through a spiral chamber to the echo cracking chamber where it collides with a ram spiral air injection. Namely, two tornadoes colliding together at the same time; one, the spiral velocity chamber and two, the ram induction chamber. Hence, violently “cracking” the water. The injection is then brought into a precious metal grid hydrogen generator. The generator is powered up by a 12-volt battery and it is powered up only when the engine is running and shuts off automatically when the engine is shut off. Therefore, you never need to worry about the battery being drained or unwanted hydrogen being produced. The generator creates large concentrations of hydrogen on demand making the injection a very high potency injection. From here it then goes from the generator to the venturi injector nozzle. The incoming air passing the specialized venturi injector nozzle creates a vacuum zone which powers up the processor. This injection is quite explosive in the combustion chamber.

Four years of research and development makes AquaTune Plus the best system on the market today. It makes other water injection systems and hydrogen producing systems obsolete. For all intents and purposes, this is the only system that has the right to be called a fuel cell with hydrogen on demand. We are turning water into fuel, both today and in the future.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rotary Wankel VW oLdBeetle

ChrysLer Sebring, Pacifica

see it

VoLga Siber test Drive

see it here

VoLga GAZ 3115 Prototype

VoLga GAZ 3111 - Волга ГАЗ 3111

see it here

GAZ 5000 GL. New Russia's Volga (2 photos)

Yesterday in RuNet again en masse began to circulate photos of supposedly new concept of the Volga - GAZ 5000 GL. The car was described as the brainchild of young designers, brothers Bukin, and under the hood of this five-door sedan 3.2-liter engine. Two years later, remained a mystery whether this concept true or it just came up with someone from the outside.

SpykerPurchase of Saab

Victor Muller Of Spyker Cars Interviewed On Saab Future
February 23rd, 2010, 1:56am by Ryan - 11 Comments

Victor Muller of Spyker Cars has been recently interviewed on Saab’s future by Autocar in the U.K.

What made you want to rescue Saab?

It’s what I do for a living, though I’m a genuine car lover as well. Until I founded Spyker I was a pretty successful acquisitions lawyer and a financier. Some of the money I made, I managed to lose again on Spyker, though we now have an new direction for that company. But with Saab, I’m doing what I’m best at.

How will you know you’ve succeeded?

When Saab is profitable, and making the cars people want to buy. I estimate we’ll need a volume of around 100,000 cars, nearly all made in Trollhattan to pay for the infrastructure. The proceeds of every car we make over that will go straight to the bottom line.

What will the model range consist of?

We’ve got a new 9-5 ready to go, the 9-4X SUV is coming towards the end of the year. The 9-3 is our staple model, and still has life in it. And at the moment I’m driving a design for a new small car.

Are you playing a role in the design process?

Sure, I’m doing things with it every day. It’s going to be the coolest thing since the Mini. I carry renderings of the latest designs with me, and I talk to the Saab guys all the time. I want it to be influenced by the first Saab, in fact my codename for it is 92, like the first one. It uses the original teardrop shape; the aircraft with no wings. That’s where Saab cars came from.

When will it hit the market? Will your partner be GM?

Too early to say. I’ve been working full-time on the deal and that’s not done yet. We will need a partner, but it would be extraordinary to go announcing partnerships before you own the company. But I can tell you this is going to be a hyper-modern, super-cool car, every bit as iconic as the Fiat 500 or Mini or Beetle. Everyone’s going to want one, and it’s long overdue.

How have the Swedes taken the news?

People talk about cold, unemotional Swedes: I didn’t see any of that. They were overjoyed; you can see it on YouTube. We made our announcement on 26 January, and ever since the dealers have been referring to it as Independence Day.

How will you bring the customers back?

That’s the simplest job we have. I believe they’ll flock back in hordes. There are 1.5 million Saabs on the road, and 4.5 million people with recent Saab experience. I don’t actually need any new customers to do this; I just need my old customers back!

Who will own the company?

Saab will be a publicly listed company. I’ll control around 30 per cent, and there are other major shareholders that account for about another 30. The rest will be held by lots of other small shareholders who believe in what we’re doing.

Who will manage the Saab?

The future management is the one you already know. Jan Ake Jonsson is CEO of Saab Automobile NV. He’ll be back on the board within a week. He has lots of experience, and heads a great team.

Can Saab and Spyker live together?

Let’s get this straight: Spyker is not acquiring Saab. This is an acquisition by shareholders. Saab’s management won’t be Spyker’s management. However, it’s true that one big beneficiary of this deal will be Spyker, which will have a powerful new ally with crash facilities, a wind tunnel, 1100 dealers – stuff it could never have dreamt of. But above all, Saab will continue to be Saab, and we will be good shepherds.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Subaru Legacy International • View topic - 99gtlimited's '99 2.5GT limited 5MT ***Updated 04-22-10**

Subaru Legacy International • View topic - 99gtlimited's '99 2.5GT limited 5MT ***Updated 04-22-10**

Saab History » Innovations

Saab History » Innovations

ABG First Impressions: Two-Mode hybrid Chevy Tahoe and GMC Yukon — Autoblog Green

ABG First Impressions: Two-Mode hybrid Chevy Tahoe and GMC Yukon — Autoblog Green

Review: Saab 9-3 Turbo X | The Truth About Cars

Review: Saab 9-3 Turbo X The Truth About Cars



the saab connection / The "why did I buy this" project - Saab 99 content

the saab connection / The "why did I buy this" project - Saab 99 content

Craig's Saab 'Classic' 99/C900/9000 Tool Guide

Craig's Saab 'Classic' 99/C900/9000 Tool Guide

Bosch Fuel distributor

Bosch Fuel distributor
Saab 900 79-81
Saab 99 78-80 99
Volvo 240,DL,GL

Saab Gearbox: new & used Monster car gearboxes 99, 900 models.

Saab Gearbox: new & used Monster car gearboxes 99, 900 models.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

More Technical Information about the SVC Engine

More Technical Information about the SVC Engine

Variable Compression Ratio Engine

Variable Compression Ratio Engine

Saab History » The Introduction Of The Saab 99 Turbo – 1978

Saab History » The Introduction Of The Saab 99 Turbo – 1978

The SAAB V4 Web Pages - A tribute to the SAAB 96, SAAB 95 and Sonett V4

The SAAB V4 Web Pages - A tribute to the SAAB 96, SAAB 95 and Sonett V4

Original Owner 65k-mile 1974 Saab Sonnet III « BaT – The best vintage and classic cars for sale online

Original Owner 65k-mile 1974 Saab Sonnet III « BaT – The best vintage and classic cars for sale online

2004 Saab 9 2X Sedan Engine Photo

2004 Saab 9 2X Sedan Engine Photo

Rare Saabs - Finlandia, Limousine, Lumikko, 9000 V8, Saab Two Stroke Police cars

Rare Saabs - Finlandia, Limousine, Lumikko, 9000 V8, Saab Two Stroke Police cars

A look inside the Saab V6 engine - Saabs United

A look inside the Saab V6 engine - Saabs United

Saab 900 Body Parts, Chassis Parts, Engine Parts, Exhausts and Interior Trim - Abbott Racing

Saab 900 Body Parts, Chassis Parts, Engine Parts, Exhausts and Interior Trim - Abbott Racing

Breaking: Spyker end discussions about Saab

Breaking: Spyker end discussions about Saab

2007 Citroen C6 - Top Speed

2007 Citroen C6 - Top Speed

Water Injection By Robert Mann

Water Injection By Robert Mann

Evolutionary Computing Laboratory

Evolutionary Computing Laboratory

Intercooler misting vs water injection - SaabCentral Forums

Intercooler misting vs water injection - SaabCentral Forums

Saab 99 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Saab 99 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Renault 21 Turbo

My Citroën SM Has An Inoperative Clutch : Citroen Tech Tips : Citroën Technical, Maintenance & Restoration Tips by Denis Foley «

Lubricating The Rear Suspension Arm of the Citroën CX

Mekartips Citroën CX - Motor - trimning

My cars


Dimitri's Lancia Gamma Coupé Website

The ECU Doctor

Citroen CX 25 PRESTIGE » Buy » - the best place to buy and sell your classic car

Citroen CX - Car and Parts for sale!

Murena gear shift linkage - Renault 16

aLL story from start to end

Renault UN1-16 Transmission - The Lotus Esprit X180 Gearbox

Renault 16 - spare parts

Renault 16 ontleed

Renault 16 ontleed

Renault 16 - versnellingsbak

Renault 10 Major For Sale (1967) on Car And Classic UK

Renault 12 great example of a Classic For Sale (1979) on Car And Classic UK

Renault 18 TD For Sale (1984) on Car And Classic UK

Renault R5 Turbo 2 - go Blue on Tan w 56k mil For Sale (1984) on Car And Classic UK

Renault 4 cv For parts or restoration For Sale (1958) on Car And Classic UK

Rare Renault 25 GTX For Sale (1989) on Car And Classic UK

Renault Fuego GTX 2 litre For Sale (1986) on Car And Classic UK

Time Warp Renault 14 exception original condition For Sale (1982) on Car And Classic UK

Renault 7 TL. Strange car only made in Spain For Sale (1979) on Car And Classic UK

Renault 6 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Renault 8 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Subdriven: Renault Alpine revived - Mazda Miata Sized, And May Spawn a new Nissan 200SX

Renault Laguna - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Renault Safrane wallpaper # 01 of 02, MY 1996, 1024x768

Renault Car Engines, Twingo engine, Safrane, Vel Satis.

MotiveMag Forums: Renaultsport Megane 250 reviews start rolling in

Renault Vel Satis photos on Fotopedia - The Photo Encyclopedia


Une nouvelle Renault Vel Satis pour 2010

New 2009 Renault Safrane ?! « It’s your auto world :: New cars, auto news, reviews, photos, videos …

Skoda Car Engines, Octavia engine-Fabia- Praktik-Felicia and much more

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Subaru R2 Custom Type S


The torque of a 2-litre engine from a clean and fuel-efficient 1.2-litre direct injection diesel engine.

AutoSpeed - The Daihatsu Three Cylinder Engine Guide

DAIHATSU - Super Intelligent Catalyst


DAIHATSU - Prompt Catalyst Activation System

DAIHATSU - Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT)

MUSIC – A new, green, more efficient petrol engine | Efficient engines

BMW Develops Hydrogen Powered ICE Based on Diesel Technology | Efficient engines

Superconductor Powered Toyota Shows Increased Power | Electric Vehicles

Free Piston Engine: Worth Investing In It to Power Future Electric Cars? | Efficient enginesThe “free piston” engines, invented in the 1920s

HCCI Engine: No-Spark Gasoline Engine as Efficient as Diesel | Efficient enginesHCCI engine on testing

Ford Laser Equipped Ignition System to Replace Spark Plugs - Ford Mustang News

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Cylinder heads with hemispherical combustion chambers, central spark plugs and narrow 37 degree valve angle

Variable Compression Ratio - Saab SVC

VariabLe InLet Control

Spark Plug Renewal on Alfa Romeo 2.0l Twin Spark Engines

View topic - HEMI and Ethanol ??? :: DiabloSport :: Gas and Diesel Tuning Systems

Eaton Balancing » Spark Plug Indexing

Curbside Classics: 1971 Small Cars Comparison: Number 2 — Simca 1204 | The Truth About Cars

Development of the Horizon / Omni - the C2 Project of Chrysler Europe

MyFordDreams: Ford continues to inovate, patent articles show "Driving Inovation"..

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Turning Water into Horsepower !!!!AMAZING REALLY

Water Injection THE BEST ONE EVER!!

Aquamist Water Injection - New York Saab Owners Club Photo Gallery

Saab OE water injection kit query - Saabscene :: Saab Forum

Water injection (engines) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Bugatti Galibier | Automotive Addicts

YouTube - Engine Audi V12 TDI

Installing the Aquamist 1S water injection system

Saabs United: February 2009 Archives

Cats Citroën Net SM Pictures

AMC - The Spirit Still Lives (history of American Motors)

let it get rusty

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VWvortex Forums: Whats 80's cars do you lust for? Thread

VWvortex Forums: Changing Transmission Fluid on the 5 speed (FGE) Transmission (W12 Engine)

Mazda – MotorMavens

1973 Citroën DS 23 Pallas for sale:19.950 EUR Anamera

PAPERCUTS> 1969 Mazda CaroL in Daytona – MotorMavens

Lada's history is represented by the Wankel engines

Citroën-Panhard prototypes

the flat six was converted to air cooling although all else remained unchanged

Citroen ID 19 Normale 1966.

Citroen ID19 with two engines

Photos of 504 in Europe

CCA Citroën DS Car Market

Citroen brings back the DS nameplate with the Citroen DS Inside Concept

1987 Citroën CX25 GTi for a Cheese-Cutting $6,500! - Citroen - Jalopnik

HowStuffWorks "Changes for the 1965-1975 Citroen DS and ID"

Citroen SM Opera (1973) Picture

Citroen SM Opera (1973) Picture

VWvortex Forums: French weirdness (paging vwlarry)

Virtual garage - former residents part 1 - cars 1 - 10

FR | Phil Seed's Virtual Car Museum

Citroën DS evolution

Citroën DS the birth of the goddess 3

Citroën DS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

New Citroen DS, a Goddess or a lemon? | Analysis & Opinion | Reuters

Rare in the USA: 1977 Renault Torino « BaT – The best vintage cars for sale online

The World of the Rover SD1 made by Rene Winters from the Netherlands

Renault 4 rear chassis welding repair - the sensible version

Renault 16: Stories & Photos: Terry's R16 restoration

Melbourne - our home: Cars - It's a boy thing

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File:Volkswagen K70 Offenbach.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

...som blev en VW K 70!

File:VW K70 yellow 1970 hl TCE.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

VW TYPE 3 & 4 CLUB FORUM :: View topic - Type 4 History

1968-1974 Volkswagen 411 - A History Lesson - (Global)

The K70

The SuperKäfer: Related Models: VW411

Summer: 1967 Volkswagen Beetle "Summer" 1967 Volkswagen Beetle - Makati,

VW Beetle: smitten by the bug | Review |

LINKS to Volkswagen, Beetle, Karmann Ghia, VW

Eric Peters :: Automotive :: News, reviews, & articles related to cars, trucks and motorcycles - VW Beetle (the Old One)

Honda shows next-generation diesel engine

The world’s first horizontally-opposed turbo diesel engine

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2006 Audi A8L W12 MMI controls

Audi | vorsprung durch technik

Delo: Engine Oil

VWvortex Forums: Caltex/Chevron Delo 400 testimony

Google Translate

CITROËNS archives - Saipa Xantia (Iran)

engine oil bible - Car2Take Forums

Chrysler Alpine and SIMCA 1307/1308

Autobild Klassik: 1968: Audi 100 vs BMW 2000 vs Mercedes-Benz 200 - AutoSpies Auto News - Vintage Car Ads

1973 Volkswagen Type III Squareback - 1973 - Jalopnik

The Chrysler automatically shifted manual transmission (dual-clutch automatic)

The K70

40 years ago: VW 411 makes its press debut in Wolfsburg |

2009 VW Passat (What Happened?) - Forums

VW and Audi South Africa Literature, Brochures, Articles, Road Tests, Adverts and Press clippings

The SuperKäfer: Related Models: VW411 :: VW Archives - 1973 US Color sheet - VW 412 4-door sedan

NSU RO80 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Howstuffworks "1967-1977 NSU Ro80"


File:NSU Ro80 1975.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

File:NSU Ro 80 engine TCE.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Citroën GS and GSA, GS Birotor

Photo-Image Renault 16 TX automatique année 1975 - 30894 - Annonce 31205

The Rootes/Simca/Chrysler/Talbot Web Resource

Musée des arts et métiers : New acquisitions

Renault 16: Stories & Photos


Concepts at Paul Tan’s Automotive News page 8 of 32

Your spaceship has arrived: The spiritual successor to the Citroen DS? — Autoblog

Samand" RUNNA " A new production of IKCO - PakWheels Forums

The Citroën DS – Automotive Art « TrAcErY

Cars Cars Cars!! - Page 48 - SkyscraperCity

Springs - Passenger Cars - GKN Service International GmbH

Citroën hydropneumatic suspension - overview

File:Samand soren engine.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Samand Soren Motor on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Motor EF7 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Samand Soren Motor +turbo on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

900's Across the pond

The Saab NG900 - Technical - Transmission - Bleeding the Sensonic system

Saab 900 sensonic to buy or not to buy? - Saabscene :: Saab Forum

Variomatic: Facts, Discussion Forum, and Encyclopedia Article

DAF 1958-1963 | Phil Seed's Virtual Car Museum

Variator "MHR" MALOSSI Piaggio

Antonov announces business strategy for its next stage of commercialisation

Antonov will produce gearboxes in Chongqing

Antonov Pictures: 2009 Antonov 2-Speed Alternator and 6-Speed Transmission

Nitrous FAQ DO NOT POST BEFOR READING THIS!!! - Club RSX Message Board

Geico AMA Endurocross to Present the E3 Spark Plugs EnduroCross Pro Junior Championship : Martin & Company PR Center

What spark plug for Alfetta engine? BP7ES? - Alfa Romeo Bulletin Board & Forums

Brisk Racing :: TURBO RACING

Facts, pictures, stories about the element Yttrium in the Periodic Table

*** Spark Plug Q's & A's for the FD RX-7 *** -

Ask The Mechanic-Mazda

Why Apex Seals Fail -

Model Diary - Mazda 787B

Mazda RX-7 Service and Adjustment Specifications: compression, ignition, throttle specifications and more - Garage411

Happy Birthday Felix Wankel: How Does the Rotary Engine Work, Anyway?

Mazda RX7 | Information, Specs, Making History With The Rotary Legend

Product Information | Autolite URHB32E Massive Electrode Aviation Spark Plug - JeppDirect

Might be a pyromaniac. Spark plug, piston, sparks, and fire. - Canon Digital Photography Forums

Identifying spark plugs - Team-BHP - Spark Plugs: Eyquem Spark Plug, Blue Thunder Spark Plug

One Step Colder Plugs - Page 2 - Subaru Legacy Forums



advice on Okada Plasma Coil kit - Northwest SRTsyndicate

Pulse Plug - Spark Plugs | Spark Plugs | Demon Tweeks Motorsport, Motorcycle, Car Modifying, Parts and Accessories,Sparco, Arai

Ford Laser Equipped Ignition System to Replace Spark Plugs - Ford Mustang News

Ford to use lasers instead of spark plugs to ignite and burn fuel

H2o Fuel Technology-Spark Plug Must See

Matthews Volvo Forum • View topic - Anyone know of any good spark plugs?



YouTube - Steam injection test on Saab 900 Internal combustion engine, not HHO or water car but Hypermiling

The Insulated Pulse Engine 22Jan2010

S197 Clutch Install - Grabber Orange - Modified Mustangs and Fords Magazine

Semi-automatic stick shift (Page 1) - Technical - Volkswebbin

Convert Your Car to a Semi-Automatic Car - AquaTune Water Injection Systems

Progressive Install on an Audi S4 - Devilsown Methanol Alcohol Water Injection