Saturday, September 9, 2017

how to run your car on pure water !!!!!!!!

So do all of you want to know the secret of how to run your car on pure water, any kind of water? Well, here it is.............Each spark plug delivers 10,000 volts between the spark plug electrode and the ground metal just over the electrode BUT the size of the spark is so small that it cannot separate hydrogen and oxygen fast enough and in any usable volume to run your car UNLESS you INCREASE THE DISTANCE BETWEEN THE SPARK PLUG ELECTRODE AND THE GROUND METAL JUST OVER THE ELECTRODE SO WHAT WE DO IS CUT THE LENGTH OF THE SPARK PLUG BACK ONE INCH FROM THE ELECTRODE AND THEN REPLACE THE GROUND METAL OF THE SPARK PLUG WITH TWO MCDONALD SHAPED ARCHES THAT CRISS CROSS EACH OTHER OVER THE ELECTRODE BY A WHOLE INCH SO NOW THE 10,000 VOLTS DELIVERED TO THE SPARK PLUG CAN NOW SPREAD OUT BETWEEN THE ELECTRODE AND THE TWO ARCHES AND THE HIGH VOLTAGE IS NOW EXPOSED WHICH IS NOW CALLED PLASMA SO NOW THERE IS PLENTY OF VOLTAGE TO SEPERATE THE HYDROGEN AND OXYGEN AND DETONATE IT ALL IN THE SAME INSTANCE, PER CYLINDER, PER ONE TENTH OF A SECOND WHICH NOW RUNS YOUR ENGINE ON WATER, COMPLETELY ON WATER, ANY KIND OF WATER. THIS IS WHAT THE U.S. NAVY USED SECRETLY DURING WORLD WAR 2 IN THE PACIFIC OCEAN IN A SELECT FEW AIRCRAFT CARRIER WAR PLANES TO GIVE EACH SELLECTED SECRET SQUADREN LIMITLESS RANGE. They instructed the pilots to fly as close to the water's surface as possible but within safe distance and the specially designed air scoop under the nose of these particular planes would scoop in sea water vapor along with the ambient air and this ran the planes. The pilots were never told how it worked and questions were forbidden in this area. Now there you go, solved. We have a lot of "forbidden" technology to share with everyone and no one can stop us from sharing it. Enjoy. There's quite a few "free" energy videos such as one using a fan with mysterious "alloy" on the blades if you actually use retroductive reasoning, which is very rare in the modern age. "You saying particals are imaginary shows just how much you want to deny any scientific consensus besides your own" J. J. Thomson didn't even believe in a "negatively charged particle" before he was tempted by a noble prize, fame, and $$. He even stated it in his biography. Prove to me electrons and photons, etc. exist. There has never been an output of an actual photon, electron, gluon, etc. You only have theoretical models of those particles because they don't exist, and never will be. They're just theories of explanation, not true understanding of reality. Again, come back to me when you've made and explained how an ABHA or rodin's coil works just because it's. I have, and it so efficient because we live in a field-based reality based upon non-euclidean 2-in-1 geometries, the torus and the hyerbolloid. That's the only logical explanation. In the meantime, you've just proved my point. You're just another psuedo-intellectual sheep telling people "that's not possible that's impossible according to science n shiet" using argument from authority fallacies instead of actually trying to better humanity by walking off the path of group-thinking, aka: the cult atomism aka: materialism aka: quantum physics. will people's perception of tessla's ideas, you saying particals are imaginary shows just how much you want to deny any scientific consensus besides your own, it's not like scientist have been experimenting with the natural world for hundreds of years trying to peace it together and that practically our most advance technology relies on their laws and theories

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