Monday, April 17, 2017

Sukisinzakabana O2 sensors and gasoline vapors !!!

I know exactly how the world works,.... sadly no. it is a lot WORSE than you could ever imagine : ( i can explain if your interested The people that run this world don't know shit about engineering or thermodynamics. ..NO the know EXACTLY HOW IT WORKS. that is why they teach us the opposite... the are liars beyond you wildest imaginations .. All they know is manipulating people and infiltrating compartmentalized sections of government, being careful not to reveal their true motivations, which is usually getting into a position of high enough influence to get sponsored by a few dozen corrupt corporations so the corporations can change electoral outcomes NO .. the ( the Satanic people ) RUN EVERYTHING AT THE TOP .. AND I MEAN EVERYTHING.. For all I care every lying snake politician can go fuck themselves in their corrupt assholes IMO....ha ha .. that wont work either.. most are pedos and trannies... trust me they are beyond sick ... that being said I am a car guy for sure.. worked on a famous trans am race team years ago .. so Cheers.. .I am up to date on this more than most... and yes... using the Gas as was distilled like in the 1920's and using a pogue carb "process" .. ( dont need a crap pile like the pogue ) to make it happen .. 300MPG would be easy on a good modern engine with NO ELECTRONIC FUEL INJECTION ! .. JUNK ALL OF IT SO SUPER cHEERS . .lets turn this pig around ! Gasoline lubricity, and viscosity is extremely important in lubricating the top of the cylinder walls and creating a seal around piston rings. It increases the life of rings, and improves efficiency and raises octane, the same reasons lead was previously added to fuel. Ever seen an engine owned by an old man, driven conservatively all it's life, then someone takes it out and races it? Result = melted rings, burns oil, blow-by, poor compression. Same thing will happen without fuel lubricity, although over longer time periods, obviously. Stoichiometry is an equation determining quantities of reactants to determine efficiency of chemical reactions, and yes, the equations differ with states of matter, which is why when you switch to an ultra lean burn system (like GDI, FSI etc.) you need to drastically increase the computing power of the onboard ECM to advance/retard timing to maintain longterm reliability or (surprise!) the engine will run too lean and failure is inevitable. I'd love to see "George Wiseman's" engines rings and cylinder sleeves after running for 50K miles and then I will be a believer that we're all being duped. I'd also love to see which engines he's modified, and if they had an EGR valve (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) which if functioning correctly, should be combusting a fair amount of leftover fuel vapor, and what he has done to bypass the engines ECM or prevent the computer from going to limp mode, if it has one. Could you get more efficiency out of an old engine without EGR, a carburetor, and no ECM with vaporization? It's pretty likely. A modern engine while maintaining reliability? Eh, if you're pretty clever. Modern engine, while maintaining reliability, drivability, using only a few hoses, and a gas can? LOL what? As someone obsessed with price to performance ratios, I love poor man engineering as much as the next guy, but I'm also smart enough to know that a bucket of hot gasoline is never going to be as practical or reliable as a 32-bit RISC processor with 90+ I/O pins operating at 100+MHz. Also, I'm not employed by the auto or fuel industry we all have ) been lied to since our birth.. fact 100% gasoline vapor cars optimized can go to 300 if not to a 1000... mpg.. we have all been put in to a box of what is possible .. start with "Gerard Morin" on Youtube on Power amplification and RF frequency power generation to see where thinking outside the box will get you .. There is a world of "Free" that has been hidden from us Can you imagine what kind of person it takes to talk you out of saving a little money on gas. Yes, they are called shills. I have read else where in lab testing that the engine will actually run cooler, because carbon is not clogging everything up. And if gas being a little to cold, is a problem, well then I only have one response to that. The engine of a car probably produces more heat than it produces anything else. Now I wonder where we might could draw a little heat from to warm up a little gas. Has any one ever heard about these tractors that were made to run on a system similar to this running on fumes? I have, but there is one thing I didn't hear, and that is, that damn near everyone of them has seized up and had to have new heads installed, if I didn't hear this once I didn't hear it a hundred times. No let the shills of this world lead you to be afraid of progress. they already took the lubricant out of fuel it was lead it kept a coating on the upper engine. airplanes still have leaded fuel it's required that they use the blue fuel witch has lead brings back memories forcme. In high school I had a old V.W dune buggy ( Manx ) that I did the same thing to. a little different set up but the same concept. And also a class mate in the same science class also installed a stainless steel vapor chamber in has Datsun B210, it was really cool and we did a lot of different set ups on the car and performed numerous experiments with his car. We did lots of gas milage test and also speed testing. hot and cold testing, stopping and turning, you name it, we did it. The B210 got about 90 to 100 miles per gallon, we pretty much felt we could have increased it a bit more if we could have odimized the fuel a little better? and the Buggy even had better mileage due to the weight of the vehicle, it was made of fiber glass so it was pretty lite, plus it was air cooled which helped increase the milage also. We were able to get about 120 to 130 m.p.g on average. Thanks for showing this video. it brings back alot of good memories for me. We did this back in 1984 and I thought at the time for sure that in the future we would see cars getting 200 m.p.g or even more. But we a fighting a up hill battle with the oil companies on that one. Now it's all about the electric vehicles. but I can see someone making a natural gas vehicle that could get 200 m.p.g or more. Maybe I should find my old papers and start tinkering again. That would be fun There are a few reasons why small cars from the late 70s and early 1980s would get much better gas milage, Mainly because of E.P.A emissions, especially in the state I live in ( California ) For example If the Toyota Prius right now did not have the E.P.A emission controls that is has integrated into every drive component and on- board computers it would get or I should say if they programed the Toyota it would get somwhere between 90 and 100 miles per gallon, easily!! Another example did you hear about V.W emissions lawsuit? And there reprogram fiasco?? If not you should look it up!! V.W tried to gain the system on go around E.P.A emission laws and got caught?? Or a whistle blower turned them in? They must not have paid him enough money? But anyways the car manufacturers could program all the cars to get much better milage, but the E.P.A wouldn't have no part in it. Here in the country I live in we put extenda tablets in our fuel tanks and run the fuel line through a Pyramid fuel pre conditioner and a HHO system with a re mapped control chip with a Sukisinzakabana O2 sensor for added Zion control. It all works very well but the more kilometers you drive the longer time you have to waste in a gas station emptying fuel out of your tank. The government is at present trialing a helicopter defueling system to lessen the time motorists have to waste emptying their fuel tanks. V - 8 VAPOR MOTOR by Savage Rhymes Contact Vapor Motors: E Mail : Phone : U.S. Tel. 406-589-7025 Business hours Mon. - Fri. 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Contact Vapor Motors: Do you utilize a flux capacitor energy source for a back up in case you primary fuel delivery system fails? Those Sukisinzakabana O2 sensors are a bitch to find. I found one on ebay......all the way over in Latvia. Cost $1200 plus $125 just to ship it. Do you know where i can find another one that's a little cheaper? That Zion control is difficult to keep at a steady 855mv plus or minus 20mv. Do you have that issue with Zion control or do the extenda tablets keep the zapakineta pulse width within range?  The Propensity of Lit Cigarettes to Ignite Gasoline Vapors!!??