Tuesday, November 12, 2013

saipa Tiba AMT

• Patent AMT automated manual transmission • Tonder 90, Samand generation automatic transmission will initially enter the market in 1392 • AMT automatic transmission and start selling before the unveiling of the Pride car • The first patent for Smart electric clutch (EKM) in wireless clutch and the ability to control the speed and position of the clutch half • Smart electric clutch to start industrial production with the ability to control wire speed without the clutch and can be installed on all vehicles • Construction of the pilot electric vehicle 405 and Pride • Construction of industrial semi automatic gearbox 405 • Construction industry and started mass production of smart electric clutch wire without using the clutch • The unveiling of the car with automatic transmission Tiba AMT operates the third largest science festivals and Access Cabinet the link for order 1) Electric clutch Pride electric clutch system Tondar 90 electric clutch system Peugeot 405 electric clutch system Peugeot Pars electric clutch system Samand electric clutch system Peugeot 206 electric clutch system Roa electric clutch system MVM electric clutch system Pride electric clutch system with the gas and brake lever Electric clutch system for Peugeot 405 - Peugeot Pars - Samand- Tonder 90 along with the gas and brake lever 2) Automated Manual Transmission Pride AMT Tondar 90 AMT Peugeot 405 AMT Tiba AMT Samand AMT * AMT gearbox system for automotive applications Saipa Pride should refer to their legal agents. 3) Gas and brake lever Gas and brake hand lever Product Price Electric clutch grades 3 - Parts Taiwanese, Chinese, Iranian 4,800,000 Rails Electric clutch Grade 2 - Pieces of Japan, Turkey, Germany - Electric clutch Grade 1 - German parts (Bosch Germany) 6,400,000 Rails Installation cost electric clutch 400,000 Rails Half a smart clutch option for severe slopes - Electric clutch with the gas and brake lever 9,900,000 Rails Gas and brake hand lever 4,500,000 Rails * All the prices by 5% VAT will be added. * All the parts are interchangeable with one year warranty and all parts of the standard are the national standards and industrial research. 1) design, consulting, systems implementation and production of the new car 2) engineering and technical consultancy in the field of automobile, machinery and equipment 3) design and consulting in the field of control and automation and robotic projects Email: Research Project: 1) production of electric hydraulic clutch 2) the production of automatic transmission (AMT) hydraulic 3) the production of hybrid vehicles Pride 4) the production of electric 5) Intelligent Brake production 6) production ABS 7) Production Automobile ECU petrol and dual fuel For ordering our products, you can apply by clicking on the "Request Product" record of your order. If the company representative 24 hours by Negin Fanavar sharif not contact you please contact the phone numbers below Mobile: +98-9302-265-085 Tel : +98-831-430-8131 * AMT gearbox system for automotive applications Saipa Pride should refer to their legal agents. link

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