Tuesday, November 6, 2012

uses ordinary water as fuel? No it's not science fiction, it is not waiting to be rolled off the assembly line and it does not cost thousands of dollars!!!

Convert Your Car or Truck to Use Water + Gasoline and Easily Double or Even Triple Your Gas Mileage For Free Today! 100% Water Car Plans 100's of inventors are working away at developing a 100% water burning engine. Some are even rumored to have built successful technologies. The most famous is Stan Meyer, that some claim was murdered to ensure we keep buying gas. Others sell these plans from $20 to $300, we'll included them free, if you order right now. This technology is used by thousands and thousands of people, yet it's still hard for many people to get their heads around it. Many have focused too much on what they may have learned in school, people who doubt this technology have never tried it. The only way to truly know is to TRY IT FOR YOURSELF today at no risk and see the results. Just What Am I Getting Here? When you place your order below you are getting access to download this very important eBook and videos: This book and videos contain all the information for all types of vehicles including cars, trucks, big rigs, gas/diesel, all vehicle types are included. This book is only available online from us and they are not available in any store. They are also available in the language of your choice including English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and German. Why an electronic book instead of an ordinary one? The reason is important and responsive to what is an ever-evolving market. Water and hydrogen run cars are going to be big business in the near future and we expect many modifications and updates to take place as the technology becomes even more in demand. Thanks to all the wonderful feedback from our satisfied customers, Hybrid WaterPower continues to evolve and improve, increase fuel efficiency to the limits. This is happening fast. When you buy information in this eBook form, there is no need to pay for updates or an additional book just to keep up with the times. You'll get immediate FREE access to all future updates! In this eBook, you will discover step-by-step how to quickly build and install the powerful water fuel system shown below for next to nothing, all using simple tools at home, and you'll learn how to save tons of money every time you drive. Smaller systems sell on the internet between $900-$1400 AND THEY ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY! But the biggest problem for you is that the systems are "secret" and they will not tell you how to replicate them. That means for each of your friends, family, or clients they'll have to fork over $1,000s to enjoy the gas saving you enjoy in your car or truck. Why not enjoy the benefits of a water fuel system right now. Well now you can enjoy the benefits without waiting. And that's what you'll get right now with this package, you'll get all the information, all secrets revealed. You can enjoy the Hybrid WaterPower technology right now! It is not impossible and you do not have to wait for permission from anyone! No secrets are withheld! You can even resell the information or the units you assemble for as much as you want and start your own very lucrative gas saving business today! Assemble Your Own Hydrogen on Demand System! You can make your own Hybrid WaterPower device using the following components and just a few basic tools: The Hydrolyzer Housing - Our unique design houses all the water fuel generation parts in a single unit. Unlike other designs that require 2 or more units, which most vehicles just don't have the space for. Plus, separate devices means more rubber housing through out the engine, complicating installation. Made with high temperature plastics it's much more durable than other designs that rely on glass jars which can shatter. Max Cell - After years of testing, we've come up with the most efficient design for generating HHO gas. We tried everything, including stainless steel spirals. Nothing works like our design. We discovered a few secrets that triple production of HHO gas without increasing battery load. Everything is revealed in the Hybrid WaterPower eBook. O2 Sensor Enhancer - This ingenious technology tricks your engine into reducing fuel consumption all without modifying the electronics in your car. Without this, saving gas is next to impossible. Safety Bubbler - While On-Demand HHO gas generation is extremely safe, we've added additional safety protection. Unlike other systems, our design integrates this into the housing making the Hybrid WaterPower system one of the smallest on the market. This is very important for cars built after the year 2000 where space in the engine bay is minimal. Efficient Vacuum Routing - Our unique design allows the Hybrid WaterPower system to send the right amount of HHO gas to your engine as it needs it. As your RPM raises, more HHO gas is released into your engine, ensuring maximum fuel saving benefits. Secure Mounting System - We don't recommend using "Bungee Cords" like other systems that rattle in your engine bay and sometimes fail off. The Hybrid WaterPower system is built to last so we've included instructions on properly installing the system so it's safe, quiet and secure. Electrical Fuse Protection - All our electrical connections are protected by industrial grade fuses ensuring your electrical systems are safe. Ignition System - A simple connection configures the Hybrid WaterPower system to power on only when your car is running. All you have to do is start your car and begin saving GAS. No need to open your hood each time to start the device.

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