Saturday, November 17, 2012

AGC Compact is available in Romania by Supergaz Fuel System Bucharest Compact is the newest product offered by Auto-Gaz Centrum. It is an innovative and technologically advanced LPG/CNG electronic control unit. It is equipped with latest-generation processor, thus after installation and calibration it is fully compatible wiTH The Compact ECU is equipped with an advanced function the AAS (Automatic Adjustment System) which ensure faultless and smooth engine working. The small and functional cover of the ECU enables quick assembly in any car. COMPACT is dedicated to 4-cylinder cars powered by gasoline. Thanks to an integrated pressure sensor number of required connections has been reduced to the minimum. Very important feature of COMPACT is the option of RPM readouts and the control of rotation signal sensitivity. The ECU is also equipped with an intuitive user’s interface and a function of automatic detection of the communication port. Additionally, designed a special option (depletion) dedicated to Mazda cars. COMPACT is easy to use thanks to the Easy Start (ES) functions and the Auto-adaptation features that responsible, among the others, for instant corrections. Additionally, the Double Memory function is provided, responsible for secure software updates (Compact Setup). For the users' comfort, there is designed multifunctional and easy-to-use switch. Additional comfort of driving is ensured by optimized injector heating-up system. The COMPACT ECU meets the standards of OBDII / EOBD on-board diagnostics. In the European Union, gas vehicles supplying is considered as a serious alternative to traditional power. The main point for the LPG installation in cars is a concern for the environment. Promoting the development of thegas supply in Poland, Auto-Gaz Centrum has been a member of the Coalition for the autogas. Thinking aboutthe future of alternative power we share our knowledge with the youngest generations. Since 2009 we beganworking with the Automobile High School in Radom. engineers give tuition about the automotive gasinstallations in form of demonstration for students while testing the systems and components at the schoolworkshops. a sequential (multi-port) injection system, Auto-Gaz Centrum made by Zenit. Just started the under hood install yesterday. Almost done under hood. Need to run high pressure line and tidy-up wiring still. Next I will be installing the tanks in the rear (spare tire well). Here's some pics for now. KIT Injectors plumbed to intake manifold Pressure regulator wired and plumbed

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