Monday, October 29, 2012

version that would run a car entirely on water--no gasoline at all !!

The entire concept of running your car on water is based on bad science. The idea is to use electricity from the car's alternator to electrolyze water into HHO, a mixture of pure hydrogen and oxygen. This mix is fed into the intake air, where it is burned along with gasoline, thereby increasing your fuel economy anywhere from 15 to 100 percent--depending on which website you're visiting. Believe the hype, and those 1 to 2 liters of HHO streamed into the engine will double the fuel economy, clean the engine out, and maybe even grow hair. Plenty of these budget sites even claim their devices are efficient enough for a version that would run a car entirely on water--no gasoline at all. that the HHO injection is only an enabler for other devices and changes. The fuel savings doesn't come from the energy contained in the hydrogen as it's burned, which is what I've asserted all along was implausible. Giroux sells a system of modifications that disables the engine management's computer and makes the engine run extremely lean--as lean as 20:1. That's far from the normal 14.7:1. The hydrogen is necessary to let the ultralean mix burn completely, he claims. There's also a heater for the fuel to promote complete vaporization, and some additives for the fuel and oil to complete his system. Giant 310 Plate HHO Dry Cell - 50+ LPM here's an idea try a water spray in the air intake while running just hho the water will provide the expansion needed for conventional engines gasoline has alot more expansion but hho is hotter This video shows the effect 10+ lpm of hydroxy has on afr in a 350 chevrolet. Efi vehicles go to a default mode at wot to make afr rich

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