Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shanghai Maple was Geely’s ultra cheap economy brand

Englon brand to get major boost in 2011
Englon was born from the ashes of the doomed Shanghai Maple brand, both of which are controlled by Geely. Shanghai Maple was Geely’s ultra cheap economy brand, and was reborn as the Englon brand in early 2010 as part of Geely’s restructuring. At the Beijing 2010 Auto Show Geely announced dozens of new cars !!!!!!!!

Englon SC5-RV to launch on 11/2011
Englon basically means England-London and was Geely’s brand under which it would be build the London Taxi series but at the Beijing Auto Show earlier this year it appears that Geely have bigger plans for the Englon brand than just a taxi brand, they appear to be making it into their new budget brand !!!!!!!!!!

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