Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Geely KingKong let loose on unsuspecting Chinese public

From the desk of our Chinese affiliate comes word that Geely has unveiled the KingKong, a compact sedan with apparently mighty aspirations. The newest Geely model will be available with 1.5L, 1.6L and 1.8L DOHC, 16-valve engines, all of which were developed in-house by Geely and meet European emissions standards. The KingKong will be available in Sky Blue, Silk Silver, Snow Mountain White and, of course, Chinese Red.

The rather ironic name has two meanings in the car's native tongue. Taken literally in Chinese it means "steel concrete" but could also be interpreted as "strong" because of its connection with Hollywood's most famous giant gorilla. In our own play money the KingKong would cost around $8,350. Around Autoblog Towers, at least one staffer thinks that KingKong has a certain Aura (*cough*) about it... what do you think?

Check out a full gallery of KingKong pics after the jump...


ahmed said...

الله ينور يا ادمير لو تعرف بااعاني قد ايه عشان اقدر اوصلك رسالتي بس مش مهم بجد تسلم عالموضوع الجامد

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