Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The AquaTunePlus System

AquaTune Plus far exceeds all other water injection systems on the market today. Here is why: Unlike pressurized water injection systems, the release of energy from pressurized water during the combustion cycle is largely wasted and consequently most all the energy is wasted through the exhaust cycle. The H2O molecule structure in pressurized water is tightly bonded together. Even in a fine mist concentration a 20% release of energy would be considered good during the combustion cycle. Pressurized water is also difficult to dissipate once inside the intake manifold or collected on the intake valve seats. This residue would also accumulate on the turbine blades whether it is a turbo- charged or supercharged vehicle. This has been known to give water injection a bad name. This is not the case with AquaTune Plus. AquaTune Plus pre-explodes the water, in other words, “cracking” the water, which gives a complete foundation for releasing the energy before and during the combustion cycle. When the “cracked” water collides with the fossil fuel, it rapidly expands the fuel giving it a higher BTU rate and maintaining a lower combustion temperature while giving a higher compression ratio and still lowering the oil temperatures by approximately 25 degrees. Here is how the processor is able to explode and crack the water: Water is brought through very precise jetting and then through a tuning fork. Incoming air traveling through intruded turbines hit the tuning fork at 1,200 feet per second, the water injection then travels down through a spiral chamber to the echo cracking chamber where it collides with a ram spiral air injection. Namely, two tornadoes colliding together at the same time; one, the spiral velocity chamber and two, the ram induction chamber. Hence, violently “cracking” the water. The injection is then brought into a precious metal grid hydrogen generator. The generator is powered up by a 12-volt battery and it is powered up only when the engine is running and shuts off automatically when the engine is shut off. Therefore, you never need to worry about the battery being drained or unwanted hydrogen being produced. The generator creates large concentrations of hydrogen on demand making the injection a very high potency injection. From here it then goes from the generator to the venturi injector nozzle. The incoming air passing the specialized venturi injector nozzle creates a vacuum zone which powers up the processor. This injection is quite explosive in the combustion chamber.

Four years of research and development makes AquaTune Plus the best system on the market today. It makes other water injection systems and hydrogen producing systems obsolete. For all intents and purposes, this is the only system that has the right to be called a fuel cell with hydrogen on demand. We are turning water into fuel, both today and in the future.

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