Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Citroën GS + GSA boxer engine

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The annual Philips prize for young people under 21 was won in 1979 by a certain Bernard Lindauer for his hovercraft, powered by a 1299 cc engine. The most significant feature was a variable speed transmission that enabled the drive to the lift propeller to be varied independently of the propulsion props.

4 x 4

In the early 1970s the French army started looking to replace its fleet of aging Hotchkiss jeeps with a new Voiture Légère, Tout Terrain (VLTT) or lightweight 4 x 4 In 1973, just before the takeover by Peugeot, Citroën presented the M7, built by Heuliez, featuring a 1222 GS engine. Though a tempting package, it was let down by relatively modest torque, not best suited to a cross country vehicle. The prize ultimately went to the Peugeot P4.