Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Renault 21 Turbo

My Citroën SM Has An Inoperative Clutch : Citroen Tech Tips : Citroën Technical, Maintenance & Restoration Tips by Denis Foley «

Lubricating The Rear Suspension Arm of the Citroën CX

Mekartips Citroën CX - Motor - trimning

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Murena gear shift linkage - Renault 16

aLL story from start to end

Renault UN1-16 Transmission - The Lotus Esprit X180 Gearbox

Renault 16 - spare parts

Renault 16 ontleed

Renault 16 ontleed

Renault 16 - versnellingsbak

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Subdriven: Renault Alpine revived - Mazda Miata Sized, And May Spawn a new Nissan 200SX

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Renault Safrane wallpaper # 01 of 02, MY 1996, 1024x768

Renault Car Engines, Twingo engine, Safrane, Vel Satis.

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Une nouvelle Renault Vel Satis pour 2010

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Skoda Car Engines, Octavia engine-Fabia- Praktik-Felicia and much more

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Subaru R2 Custom Type S


The torque of a 2-litre engine from a clean and fuel-efficient 1.2-litre direct injection diesel engine.

AutoSpeed - The Daihatsu Three Cylinder Engine Guide

DAIHATSU - Super Intelligent Catalyst


DAIHATSU - Prompt Catalyst Activation System

DAIHATSU - Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT)

MUSIC – A new, green, more efficient petrol engine | Efficient engines

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Free Piston Engine: Worth Investing In It to Power Future Electric Cars? | Efficient enginesThe “free piston” engines, invented in the 1920s

HCCI Engine: No-Spark Gasoline Engine as Efficient as Diesel | Efficient enginesHCCI engine on testing

Ford Laser Equipped Ignition System to Replace Spark Plugs - Ford Mustang News

Friday, February 19, 2010

Cylinder heads with hemispherical combustion chambers, central spark plugs and narrow 37 degree valve angle

Variable Compression Ratio - Saab SVC

VariabLe InLet Control

Spark Plug Renewal on Alfa Romeo 2.0l Twin Spark Engines

View topic - HEMI and Ethanol ??? :: DiabloSport :: Gas and Diesel Tuning Systems

Eaton Balancing » Spark Plug Indexing

Curbside Classics: 1971 Small Cars Comparison: Number 2 — Simca 1204 | The Truth About Cars

Development of the Horizon / Omni - the C2 Project of Chrysler Europe

MyFordDreams: Ford continues to inovate, patent articles show "Driving Inovation"..

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Turning Water into Horsepower !!!!AMAZING REALLY

Water Injection THE BEST ONE EVER!!

Aquamist Water Injection - New York Saab Owners Club Photo Gallery

Saab OE water injection kit query - Saabscene :: Saab Forum

Water injection (engines) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Bugatti Galibier | Automotive Addicts

YouTube - Engine Audi V12 TDI

Installing the Aquamist 1S water injection system

Saabs United: February 2009 Archives

Cats Citroën Net SM Pictures

AMC - The Spirit Still Lives (history of American Motors)

let it get rusty

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

VWvortex Forums: Whats 80's cars do you lust for? Thread

VWvortex Forums: Changing Transmission Fluid on the 5 speed (FGE) Transmission (W12 Engine)

Mazda – MotorMavens

1973 Citroën DS 23 Pallas for sale:19.950 EUR Anamera

PAPERCUTS> 1969 Mazda CaroL in Daytona – MotorMavens

Lada's history is represented by the Wankel engines

Citroën-Panhard prototypes

the flat six was converted to air cooling although all else remained unchanged

Citroen ID 19 Normale 1966.

Citroen ID19 with two engines

Photos of 504 in Europe

CCA Citroën DS Car Market

Citroen brings back the DS nameplate with the Citroen DS Inside Concept

1987 Citroën CX25 GTi for a Cheese-Cutting $6,500! - Citroen - Jalopnik

HowStuffWorks "Changes for the 1965-1975 Citroen DS and ID"

Citroen SM Opera (1973) Picture

Citroen SM Opera (1973) Picture

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FR | Phil Seed's Virtual Car Museum

Citroën DS evolution

Citroën DS the birth of the goddess 3

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Renault 4 rear chassis welding repair - the sensible version

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

File:Volkswagen K70 Offenbach.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

...som blev en VW K 70!

File:VW K70 yellow 1970 hl TCE.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

VW TYPE 3 & 4 CLUB FORUM :: View topic - Type 4 History

1968-1974 Volkswagen 411 - A History Lesson - (Global)

The K70

The SuperKäfer: Related Models: VW411

Summer: 1967 Volkswagen Beetle "Summer" 1967 Volkswagen Beetle - Makati,

VW Beetle: smitten by the bug | Review |

LINKS to Volkswagen, Beetle, Karmann Ghia, VW

Eric Peters :: Automotive :: News, reviews, & articles related to cars, trucks and motorcycles - VW Beetle (the Old One)

Honda shows next-generation diesel engine

The world’s first horizontally-opposed turbo diesel engine