Thursday, March 15, 2018

Citroën Traction a transmissão automática 1939

Em 1939, Adolphe Kégresse - pioneiro na engenharia automobilística - inventou a caixa de câmbio de dupla embreagem, a qual ele esperava usar no legendário Citroën Traction. Até os dias atuais com o emprego de kevlar, (plástico reforçado com fibra de aramida), nos materiais de atrito. Porém é certo que a transmissão automática vem substituindo a manual, que tende a encerrar suas aplicações. Madame Michelin's 1939 Citroen

Ford Ecosport Axle Failure !!cv joint design is bad & dangerous

Thursday, March 8, 2018

1947 Kaiser Engine and FWD Transmission and Differentical

Henry J. Kaiser was a man who did not take the easy path in any of his many business ventures – He thought big and built Liberty ships at seven Kaiser shipyards during and after World War II; earlier was a major contractor at the Hoover Dam, and also formed the Kaiser Steel and Kaiser Aluminum companies and other ventures. In 1946 Kaiser and Joseph W. Frazer became involved with the Graham-Paige Company and later purchased the assets of the old line automaker. In 1947 the pair introduced both the new Kaiser and the Frazer cars at Madison Square Gardens in New York City. Two front-wheel drive Kaisers prototypes were built featuring unibody construction and front and rear torsion bar suspension. The advanced Frazer however never reached production due to lack of time to perfect the concept in time and it was dropped, but the Frazer was produced, and sales began in 1947. Learn more about the Kaiser-Frazer in an earlier article. Thanks go out to contributor Tom Jakeway for the story idea and the last two images in this post and to Bill Brown who hosts a page with more information about the front-wheel drive 1947 Kaiser.

Sunday, February 18, 2018


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