Saturday, November 17, 2012

AGC Compact is available in Romania by Supergaz Fuel System Bucharest Compact is the newest product offered by Auto-Gaz Centrum. It is an innovative and technologically advanced LPG/CNG electronic control unit. It is equipped with latest-generation processor, thus after installation and calibration it is fully compatible wiTH The Compact ECU is equipped with an advanced function the AAS (Automatic Adjustment System) which ensure faultless and smooth engine working. The small and functional cover of the ECU enables quick assembly in any car. COMPACT is dedicated to 4-cylinder cars powered by gasoline. Thanks to an integrated pressure sensor number of required connections has been reduced to the minimum. Very important feature of COMPACT is the option of RPM readouts and the control of rotation signal sensitivity. The ECU is also equipped with an intuitive user’s interface and a function of automatic detection of the communication port. Additionally, designed a special option (depletion) dedicated to Mazda cars. COMPACT is easy to use thanks to the Easy Start (ES) functions and the Auto-adaptation features that responsible, among the others, for instant corrections. Additionally, the Double Memory function is provided, responsible for secure software updates (Compact Setup). For the users' comfort, there is designed multifunctional and easy-to-use switch. Additional comfort of driving is ensured by optimized injector heating-up system. The COMPACT ECU meets the standards of OBDII / EOBD on-board diagnostics. In the European Union, gas vehicles supplying is considered as a serious alternative to traditional power. The main point for the LPG installation in cars is a concern for the environment. Promoting the development of thegas supply in Poland, Auto-Gaz Centrum has been a member of the Coalition for the autogas. Thinking aboutthe future of alternative power we share our knowledge with the youngest generations. Since 2009 we beganworking with the Automobile High School in Radom. engineers give tuition about the automotive gasinstallations in form of demonstration for students while testing the systems and components at the schoolworkshops. a sequential (multi-port) injection system, Auto-Gaz Centrum made by Zenit. Just started the under hood install yesterday. Almost done under hood. Need to run high pressure line and tidy-up wiring still. Next I will be installing the tanks in the rear (spare tire well). Here's some pics for now. KIT Injectors plumbed to intake manifold Pressure regulator wired and plumbed

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Many Alfa Romeo executives and enthusiasts should pay attention to the “VIP LOUNGE show-car” one of the top-six Chinese carmakers has recently unveiled at the Guangzhou Motor Show. The reason is easily said: that show car is a preview of the sport sedan that Stilebertone (see focus story attached) is designing for Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (GAC). Until recently, GAC has been renowned for its flourishing joint-ventures with Honda and Toyota and the only big state-owned carmaker that has not cars with its own brand so far. Last year GAC built some 510.000 high quality Toyotas and Hondas. However, having obtained the license to also manufacture automobiles cars with its own brand from the Chinese government, GAC are ready to move into the passenger car territory To this aim, last year they have approved a business plan calling for investments reaching 6.8 billion Yuan ($916 million last year). In 2007, the company presented three concept-cars at the Guangzhou Auto Show and said that their first model would be a sedan to be positioned slightly below the limousine level but above the intermediate middle-class sedan. This perfectly matches the description of the Alfa Romeo 166 which production was stopped in Italy, in spring 2007. Not because the car was obsolete but because weak sale did not justify its unprofitable production. Indeed, it has been recently confirmed that, to save time and money the Chinese have been quick to buy from the Fiat Group Automobiles the rights, equipment and tools used for the manufacturing of the Alfa Romeo flagship, the Alfa Romeo 166.GAC TRUMPCHI In China, the construction of a new car plant with annual capacity of some 100,000 units per year is progressing quickly. Subsequently the plant would be expanded to reach a potential capacity of 200,000 cars and 250.000 engines. Now there is a very good chance that the “Chinese Alfa Romeo 166″ named inside as the “VIP Lounge” has the sort of design that will set a trend in China. I have not seen the new GAC sports sedan, just some renderings and pictures. Obviously I am also very eager to discover its style. I have learned from my sources in China that the car looks modern and attractive, even though it is not too progressive and makes more than a concession to the Chinese understanding of a luxury and dynamic sport sedan. As such the “GAC VIP Lounge” is expected to come with the potential of challenging the BMWs and Audis built in China. The new GAC has been engineered in Turin by UTS (contracted by COMAU) which means that its build quality and capability should be at least as good as any European-built sedan and the car can meet the European safety standards. This seems not to be the case with the Chinese engines yet and their ability to pass the European emission tests. Speaking in an earlier interview, Huang Xiangdong, deputy general manager and head of the company’s R&D team said: ”The cars will carry our own powertrains.” They belong to the latest Chinese generation but GAC have plans for export to Europe and the U.S.A. soon. The new GAC is the third public example of a European car redesigned for China, after the Roewe 750 and Roewe 550. Apparently based on Honda bits, this handsome four-door coupe will reportedly hit the road in 2010 as an all-new Chinese branded model from GAC, the company that currently builds the Accord in a joint venture with Honda. It looks way better than the Accord. Companion vehicle to the GAC four door is this very nice coupe-convertible. Again apparently based on Accord bits -- and again way better looking that the original Honda -- it's also scheduled to make its debut in 2010.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

uses ordinary water as fuel? No it's not science fiction, it is not waiting to be rolled off the assembly line and it does not cost thousands of dollars!!!

Convert Your Car or Truck to Use Water + Gasoline and Easily Double or Even Triple Your Gas Mileage For Free Today! 100% Water Car Plans 100's of inventors are working away at developing a 100% water burning engine. Some are even rumored to have built successful technologies. The most famous is Stan Meyer, that some claim was murdered to ensure we keep buying gas. Others sell these plans from $20 to $300, we'll included them free, if you order right now. This technology is used by thousands and thousands of people, yet it's still hard for many people to get their heads around it. Many have focused too much on what they may have learned in school, people who doubt this technology have never tried it. The only way to truly know is to TRY IT FOR YOURSELF today at no risk and see the results. Just What Am I Getting Here? 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Max Cell - After years of testing, we've come up with the most efficient design for generating HHO gas. We tried everything, including stainless steel spirals. Nothing works like our design. We discovered a few secrets that triple production of HHO gas without increasing battery load. Everything is revealed in the Hybrid WaterPower eBook. O2 Sensor Enhancer - This ingenious technology tricks your engine into reducing fuel consumption all without modifying the electronics in your car. Without this, saving gas is next to impossible. Safety Bubbler - While On-Demand HHO gas generation is extremely safe, we've added additional safety protection. Unlike other systems, our design integrates this into the housing making the Hybrid WaterPower system one of the smallest on the market. This is very important for cars built after the year 2000 where space in the engine bay is minimal. Efficient Vacuum Routing - Our unique design allows the Hybrid WaterPower system to send the right amount of HHO gas to your engine as it needs it. As your RPM raises, more HHO gas is released into your engine, ensuring maximum fuel saving benefits. Secure Mounting System - We don't recommend using "Bungee Cords" like other systems that rattle in your engine bay and sometimes fail off. The Hybrid WaterPower system is built to last so we've included instructions on properly installing the system so it's safe, quiet and secure. Electrical Fuse Protection - All our electrical connections are protected by industrial grade fuses ensuring your electrical systems are safe. Ignition System - A simple connection configures the Hybrid WaterPower system to power on only when your car is running. All you have to do is start your car and begin saving GAS. No need to open your hood each time to start the device.